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Practice Areas

The firm completes many adoptions every year, some of which are very complex. We represent adoptive parents in all kinds of adoptions nationally to internationally. From agency, independent, step-parent, adult, foster care, and international. We also represent birth parents in private adoptions.

Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, ethical,  and successful representation in adoption.


Adoption law covers many different types of situations. Clients may be starting a traditional agency adoption, kinship adoption, or adopting via foster care. Or clients may  wish to start an independent adoption and need advice on the process. Or perhaps the clients have heard of  a potential  situation  that needs  legal advice to make the adoption happen. This firm can assist in the legal work  for  any adoption related situation whether   working with private agencies, DCFS, independent adoption, co-parent adoption, adult adoption, or related adoptions.   


Personal Injury


Accidents that lead to personal injury cases can happen fast in the Chicagoland area. It is important to get legal advice regarding liability quickly as there are time limitations for pursuing a claim.  This firm works with lawyers who are highly skilled in personal injury lawsuits.  Cases may include accidents, wrongful death,  nursing home negligence, slip and fall, dog bites, wrongful adoption, and many more types of cases.


Estate Law

Estate  law  covers wills, trusts, powers of attorney,  and other legal documents in distribution of one’s assets or preparing for their family, especially children if they should die. Preparing for the inevitable before it occurs is handled through estate law counseling.  A probate attorney assists families in need of counseling on legal issues following the death of a loved one. Proper estate planning may eliminate the need for probate and/or make it a smoother process. This firm works with lawyers who are highly skilled in estate and probate law.

Many families need to secure a guardianship for children who they must take care of because the parents are unable to parent.  These circumstances may require either short term or long term planning for the child.  In some circumstances, short term guardianship documents  may avoid the necessity of a court ordered guardianship. In addition, this firm works with the subsidies for DCFS guardianships.
Assisted Reproductive Technology

Arts law covers surrogacy, embryo donation, egg donor, and sperm donor arrangements that often require contracts to comply with applicable state laws.  The intended parents, donor, or surrogate,  or  Arts agency may need  legal representation.  Many cases that make the news are cases that did not have legal contracts completed before individuals moved forward with assisted reproductive technology. This firm will review or draft contracts, as appropriate.


Real Estate

Buying or selling property involves significant financial, emotional, and legal commitments. It is in the best interest of both buyers/sellers of property  to seek legal advice to review all real estate contracts.  Prepares documents necessary for the sale and/or purchase of real estate and attends real estate closings on behalf of clients in the Chicagoland area. 

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